Divorce Is Not The End Of You…


You’d be surprised at the number of people who are suffering because of a divorce…  Now let’s go past the missing income, kids split between two homes and even the downward shift that led to  divorce court…  Some are struggling just with the thought of what they consider a “Failed Marriage”…  For years some gave everything to the one believed to be their “Soul Mate”…  Never in a million years would they have imagined the two of them calling it a quits and throwing in the towel…  Love is supposed to be enough, right?  Love is supposed to cover all flaws, bury all transgressions and supposed to be strong enough to forgive anyone and anything, right?  For those who are struggling, love wasn’t enough…

Love wasn’t enough to make their spouse want to stay; stop cheating; stop beating, nor was it enough to make their ex realize they’re the ying to their yang…  Love wasn’t strong enough to silence their mates from saying “I don’t want this marriage anymore”…  Wasn’t strong enough nor did it serve as the glue to mend the shattered pieces of what once was a beautiful masterpiece…  It wasn’t strong enough to count the years they’ve spent building and avoid it being torn down in a matter of minutes… Their spouse was (Click HERE to read more)


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