This Ain’t Flag Football!!!


At first I was going to type up this whole spill on “Flag Football”, but hey I respect your time, so no need for all the gibberish…  So here we go…

Some of you are seeing “Red Flags” appearing all over the place…  “Red Flags” of lies, cheating, abusive behavior, stealing, disrespect and inappropriate treatment… I mean the one you’re with is waving a flag in your face, yet you repeatedly day after day look over them …  Many of you have convinced yourselves into believing those flags slapping you in your face is nothing but residue of your insecurities…  You’ve convinced yourself those things you’re seeing really aren’t happening, that you’re just making them up yourself…  Or at least this is what they’ve told you…  Everyone around you can see them…  They’re constantly warning you of the hurt ahead, yet you stop talking to them because you don’t want to hear you’re about to drive over a cliff…

Trust me when I say, I’ve been where you are…  I had the warning lights flashing indicating danger is ahead, but I convinced myself those were Christmas (Click HERE to read more)


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