What Is Love Costing You???


Depending on whom you ask, determines the response you’ll get regarding love…  For some, love is placing others before you…  There are some who believe love can be compared to a person with cataracts, it hinders the vision of the heart…  Then there are those who feel “love” is overrated and something the world capitalizes on, so I want to know from you….  What is “love”? And how much is “love” costing you???

In the past, “love” has caused me to do some crazy ish…  I mean I’ve cried over “love”, damn near stalked because of “love”, became a better person because of “love” and sadly to say, I lost my true identity because of “love”…  Just keeping it 100…  At one time I felt “love” messed me up…  I’m a person regardless to whether it’s a intimate or platonic relationship, I “love” hard…  I’m loyal and will defend those I feel this emotion for…   Now add sex into the mix, “love” can become a weapon of mass destruction if you’re not careful…  It’s like “sex” amplifies “love” to the point in which you lose all sense of reasoning and regards for whom you’re supposed to be, but that’s another blog…  “Love” or at least what I thought was “love” ushered me into a place I’d never been and have since sworn I’ll never return…  “Love” caused me to sacrifice who I was for the sake of a relationship…  Can any of you relate???

Just like the person I used to be, many of you find yourselves today in “love” but hating the person you’re (Click HERE to read more)


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