Are You “Love Connectable”???


Recently I purchased a new sound bar and up until yesterday, I had no problems connecting my TV to it…  When looking at the Settings on my TV, I could see the sound bar listed, but for whatever reason it wouldn’t connect… After several attempts, I finally powered down the sound bar allowing it to refresh/reset and it worked perfectly…  This experience got me to thinking about some of you reading…. 

Some of you need to power down to allow yourself the opportunity to refresh/reset…  So what do I mean???  You ask…  I’m always asked the question “John, why do you think I can’t find love?”…  And to be honest, the reason many of you are experiencing troubles with finding love is because you’re physically visible, but for whatever reason your heart isn’t open to connecting or being paired with someone…  It’s like Bluetooth, the person sees you standing there, but they’re unable to connect with your heart because it isn’t opened to receiving the connection…  So what’s blocking the connection???  Well thanks for asking… 

For many of you it’s fear of being hurt…  You’re afraid of opening yourself up to being let down (Click HERE to read more)


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