Birth Pains


On this upcoming Sunday there will be 5 different types of women…  You’ll have the ones who have children, those who are grieving the loss of children, those who are depressed because their biological clock has expired and they never gave birth to any children, those because of a physical condition which prevents them from giving birth to any children and lastly, those who are sad because they so desperately want, but still have no children…  The ladder three are often forgotten or sadly to say, never thought about…  Not sure if it’s because they’ve put on a “Happy Mask”, or if we just never take into consideration this truth…

This weekend will be hard for many of you reading because you’ll see babies, teens, and adults celebrating a role you so desperately want…  You’ll smell the roses sent to Mom’s in the office, see pics of husbands celebrating the first Mother’s Day of their wives…  In the stores you’ll see cards, balloons, smell the scents of perfumes advertised as the perfect gift for a mother…  You’ll celebrate your Mother, Sisters who have children, (Click HERE to read more)


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