Who’s Yo Daddy???

I think we’ve all watched an episode of “The Maury Povich Show” where he reveals the results of a paternity test…  I mean it’s kinda funny watching as the father sits there denying he’s the father while the mother jumps up and down shouting “Look at him/her, they have the same nose and eyes”…  As the show progresses, one of the most disheartening moments is when Maury says “The test results shows you are NOT the father”…  The mother was certain it was his child by the resemblance she thought the man and child shared, but unfortunately the two don’t share the same DNA…

So where am I going with this???  Well glad you asked…  Just use your spiritual minds for a second…  If God was a guest on “The Maury Povich Show” and a paternity test was taken to reveal whether or not he was your spiritual paternal father, some of you would be disappointed in the results…  For the world you put on facades to make you look like him, however the two of you don’t share the same spiritual DNA…  You see some of you profess to be Christians, yet you act nothing like the one you call your Father and Brother… Now this is not a sanctimonious blog, however I’m so over those of you who profess to be Christ and God like, yet you present God in a manner no one would want to serve or love…

So what am I talking about???  Well glad you asked this too…  Some of you are the most judgmental people God ever created and sadly to say, you claim to judge because of your so-called connection with God… You judge people on the way in which he/she looks, acts, dress, places they go, and places they’ve been…  You’re the first to cast people to hell for the sins in which you are not committing or those in which you are struggling with…  Sadly to say, this is not how the one you call Father or Brother works…  You see they (Click HERE to read more)


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