Who’s In Your Head?


So as many of you know before coming into work each day, I hit the gym…  For the past 4 years I’ve work-outed at the same gym each morning which has created somewhat of a family environment …  Every morning, at least one person gives me a hard time about my gym bag…  It’s been compared to the purse of a woman, not because of the design of it, but because of the contents within it… I mean I have face wash, body wash, facial care products, cologne, tooth paste, deodorant, you name it and it’s there…  Hey I’m a brother who takes pride in his appearance…  As I’m preparing to hit the shower, I take the same steps as if I would in the privacy of my home…  I brush my teeth and apply my face wash…  Honestly, I look like one of the African Tribes Men from “Ace Ventura”, but I have to do what it takes to keep my skin smooth…

So where am I going with this??? You ask… Well unlike some of you reading, I don’t allow the comments, jokes, or looks of people to keep me from doing what I know is helping me…  Some of you have let go of so many things because of the opinions/criticism of others…  Let’s take weight loss for instance…  Something I remember hearing all the time when I began my weight loss journey was “Boy, you better not lose too much weight.  You’re going to look sick”…  Now the irony of this is I looked overweight and miserable when the person was telling me this…  I could have easily allowed those words to keep me from reaching goals I set for myself…  I could have allowed the words to prevent me from ever seeing the body I wanted to see…  I could have allowed those words to crush and discourage me…  Some of you have quit on your pursuit because of the words of someone you love, trust or sadly to say, someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart… 

You’ve let go of some amazing concepts, ideas, and visions because of the people you’ve allowed into your head…  Currently in your head are people who are negative, bitter and bruised from a failed passed, and people who actually don’t want you to succeed… 

There are those of you who have let go of some amazing friends, possible mates/spouses, and even cut off your family members because of the people (Click HERE to read more)


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