The Point When An Argument Turns Into DRAMA…


So over the weekend I was chatting with a good friend of mine who so happens to be recently single… About a month or so ago, he reconnected with a girl he used to date.  Previously when dating her, there always seemed to be problems which were driven by him.  She’s 29, he’s 46…  She has her Masters, he has his High School Diploma…  She has a high profile management job, he has a pretty good job, but in comparison to hers, he felt he came up short…

Unwilling to admit it, this brother is somewhat filled with insecurities…  Insecurities and questions as to why she would be interested in someone like him…  In his mind, she could be with someone much younger, more educated, and someone who is way more successful than him…  He just couldn’t accept she was into him and not concerned with what he didn’t have… So where am I going with this???  You ask… Well this time around, he decided to give the relationship another shot…  She approached him with the request, and he agreed…  About a week or so ago there was an argument, one that would probably be considered petty to most of us, but to him it was one he just couldn’t let go…  Long story cut short, he wanted to talk about it, so he sent a text letting her know his desires…  Being a Millennia, she chose to talk about it via text and chose to end the conversation (Click HERE to read more)


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