I Feel Ya Pain…


In less than 3 months,  I’ll celebrate my 45th birthday…  Seems like just yesterday I turned 30 and questioned what had I done with the previous 29 years…  As crazy as it may sound, I was super excited about turning 40…  I was on a serious mission of living my truth and embracing life for what it was at the time, but as I approach 45, I sometimes struggle with it.  Honestly, my life is great…  I have a great job, I’m living my dreams, I have an amazing family, my friends are wonderful, and God constantly takes the hinges off doors I never imagined I would walk through…  Honestly, I’m blessed and I believe this is what makes me somewhat sad…  As great as my life may be, I have no one to share it with…

Getting a relationship isn’t the problem…  If I must say so myself, I’m a great catch…  I’m super smart, creative; talented and to be quite honest, I’m a pretty good-looking dude…  In no way am I conceited, but I’m completely convinced I’m one of God’s greatest gifts to the world…  But aren’t we all????  So where am I going with this???  Glad you ask… Well for you ladies who have reached an age in which you thought your lives would be completely different, I understand how you feel…  I understand knowing you’re an amazing person, yet you’re single… I understand knowing you’re great looking, yet you’re single…  I understand getting older and feeling one day no one will find you attractive, I get all of this… Some of you are so afraid you’re going to die alone, never walk the aisle of matrimony, never have the beautiful babies you’ve dreamed of your entire life…  I completely understand how it feels getting older, wanting love, but no one to give it to…

Fellas, I understand your struggles as well… You know you will be a great provider, yet you’re single…  You know you will be an amazing father, yet you’re single…  You want that woman who looks at you and (Click HERE to read more)


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