Now I See Why…


Have you ever met someone in which you believed their life was much different than what you thought it was???  You know like meeting someone who is physically gorgeous, yet they’re constantly struggling with keeping a relationship???  Or how about someone who on the surface appears to have their life together, yet they’re a complete and uttered mess??? Well here recently I met this lady who is simply beautiful…  I mean you can’t take your eyes off her, but she’s struggling with finding a man…

Looking at her you would think men are fighting to gain her attention, but she’s single and not by choice, but by action…  So what do you mean “by action” John???  Well thanks for asking… On the surface this woman is perfect for any man…  She’s beautiful, smart, physically fit, has a pretty good job, educated, and she has her own “change” in the bank… She’s independent, an amazing business woman and to top it off, she can throw down in the kitchen…  So with all of this going on, why is she single, right??? Well after talking with her for about an hour, the mask slowly began to peel off…  Listening to her, I understand exactly why she struggles…  SHE’S CRAZY AF…  Sometimes it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to understand when a person is crazy, all you have to do is listen and you’ll find out everything you need to know…

Some of you reading are this exact way…  Maybe you’re not crazy, but you’re thirsty; desperate; controlling; manipulative; or just plain out insecure af… You wonder (Click HERE to read more)


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