Just Maybe You’re Not Marriage Material…



So I have a few questions for you “marriage seekers” and those of you who are tired of being married or refuse to act as though you’re married….  So here we go…


Why get married if you can’t keep a relationship as a “single”?  So many of you reading want to be married so badly, however you’re unable to keep a relationship for any period longer than 6 months, and that’s a long term relationship for you…  You’re either insecure, moody, controlling or manipulative, at least this is how your Ex’s describe you…  And if you’re not this person then you must be the cheater, liar, or the clingy mate…   You’re the one they’ve described as being untrustworthy, disrespectful to the relationship, and immature…   If you can’t survive or maintain a relationship as a single (non-married individual), how in the hell do you think you’re going to survive marriage?  But I get it, you want to be married because you’re approaching or have exceeded 30, right?  You want to be married because all your friends are married and you’re tired of being the 3rd wheel, right?  You want to be married because God told you (at least this is what you believe He told you the last time you spoke with Him as a child) that you are destined and created to be married, right?  Oh okay….

Tired Of Being Married:

Why did you go through all of the wedding planning to sleep in separate bedrooms, never have sex, to maintain separate accounts, never have date nights, and just the thought of your spouse makes you nausea?  Why did you get married to a man you knew was a cheater, dog, and abusive?  Why did you get married to a woman who was insecure, trifling, and a gold digger?  You invested thousands of dollars into someone you now think isn’t worth a dime…  Oh yeah, I get it…  This was before you knew who they really are, right?   You didn’t’ know he/she didn’t clean up behind themselves, overspends constantly, aren’t good with paying bills, high maintenance and only (Click HERE to read more)


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