There Are Bigger Fish, Why Fry Sardines???


So I watch lots of TV…  I mean from “My 600lb Life” all the way to “Tom & Jerry”, there’s nothing I won’t watch at least once… But one of my favorite networks is the Food Network, because I love to cook, I love getting different recipes and concepts from the many gifted Chefs featured on the channel…  One show I absolutely love is “Chopped”…  It’s amazing how these people think so quickly on their feet using outrageous ingredients to come up with some amazing meals…  Out of all the shows I’ve watched, there is one ingredient most Chefs struggle with, Sardines… Because of their size, delicacy and saltiness, many of these Chefs fail at their attempt… I’ve seen them sliced up and served raw, baked, but one way in which most fail is frying…

Because Sardines are pretty small in size, most Chefs either overcook them or the Sardines completely fall apart when the choice is made to fry them…  So where am I going with this?  Well many of you are trying to fry sardines in your lives…  You’re blinded by the small fish (things) when so many other people and sometimes even you have much bigger fish (problems) in your pantries to fry…  Now in no way am I trying to negate your problems, because those are your problems and I respect that…  But some of you are bent out of shape over things in the grand scheme of things aren’t really important…  You know like your relationship status, a few (Click HERE to read more)


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