Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out…


I think we all have that one friend who is miserable …  Constantly they gripe about the one they’re with; their job; their life; their church; their weight, and any other thing you can imagine…  They’re the friend in which you have to control the conversation because if you don’t, the entire time the two of you are together, the conversation is going to be able them and their toxic life…   I mean at times they’re emotionally draining because you’re pulled into their chaos…  He/she constantly says they’re going to leave/quit, yet they stay…  He/she constantly says they’re going to change, yet they remain the same…

So maybe you remember my bud I wrote about in “Pieces Of The “Perfect One””…  Yeah the one with the wife and GIRLFRIEND….  YUP GIRLFRIEND…  The one who said “No one can be your everything, so why make them your only”, well we chatted today and he’s having problems with the GIRLFRIEND… Now because I’ve never been in simultaneous relationships, maybe this is why I’m unable to completely understand his position…  Now she’s just the girlfriend, not the one who’s going to get half (Click HERE to read more)


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