She’s An “Alpha Dog”…


So yesterday I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation two women were having at the table next to where I was sitting…  From what I could tell, one of the women (single) were having some relationship issues, so the other woman (married) was giving her opinion on the situation… To be honest, I really think the married woman wanted me to join in on the conversation by the volume in which she chose to give her response, but I digressed and kept it moving…

As I sat there, I couldn’t help but hearing “Girl, you have to be an Alpha Dog, but know when to be obedient”..,  WTF???, and the “F” ain’t for “Fudge”…  Now if a man told a woman to be “obedient”, not only would all hell break loose, but her weave would met from the heat of hell breaking loose …  Now I get the whole “Alpha Dog” thing, but no one, whether you are male or female should ever take on the mindset of being “obedient”…  YOU ARE NOT A CHILD OR A DOG!!!!

Now one thing that gets me fired up about women and especially married women is they think they know what a man wants and has the best advice on how to get a man…  The single woman in this situation I know personally…  She’s beautiful, super smart, a fashionista and at her core  (Click HERE to read more)


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