She’s An “Alpha Dog”…


So yesterday I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation two women were having at the table next to where I was sitting…  From what I could tell, one of the women (single) were having some relationship issues, so the other woman (married) was giving her opinion on the situation… To be honest, I really think the married woman wanted me to join in on the conversation by the volume in which she chose to give her response, but I digressed and kept it moving…

As I sat there, I couldn’t help but hearing “Girl, you have to be an Alpha Dog, but know when to be obedient”..,  WTF???, and the “F” ain’t for “Fudge”…  Now if a man told a woman to be “obedient”, not only would all hell break loose, but her weave would met from the heat of hell breaking loose …  Now I get the whole “Alpha Dog” thing, but no one, whether you are male or female should ever take on the mindset of being “obedient”…  YOU ARE NOT A CHILD OR A DOG!!!!

Now one thing that gets me fired up about women and especially married women is they think they know what a man wants and has the best advice on how to get a man…  The single woman in this situation I know personally…  She’s beautiful, super smart, a fashionista and at her core  (Click HERE to read more)


2 thoughts on “She’s An “Alpha Dog”…

    • Thank you for reading the post, I’m truly honored… Yup “2017 Dating” is quite difficult, but it can be fun if you enter it with the mindset of meeting people and learning yourself… Don’t fall into the trap of playing the game and compromising who you are to gain someone you don’t need… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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