Most people know I’m a “Jeans and T” kind of guy…  As much as I love fashion and even love how I look when I get all dressed up, if I could throw on a pair of jeans, a T-Shirt and a pair of Converse, I would be in hog heaven…  Here recently I was promoted at work…  The position is more demanding, requires me to be in multiple meetings a week, and it is one that is more visible to people who aren’t in our department…  Just this morning I began to notice how in some regards I’ve stepped up my appearance…  Not that I look bad before, but I’m taking somewhat more time in the morning thinking through what I’m going to wear…  Everyone around has remained the same, but I’ve changed…

Being honest with not only myself, but you…  Subconsciously I convinced myself into believing this is what is either required or expected of me… I convinced myself that I’m expected to wear slacks, either a polo or button down shirt and some days, even a blazer or sports coat…  No one told me this, it’s just an added pressure I believe I’ve placed on myself…  I’m the only overdressed guy on the team every day… Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up, but if it goes against the core of who you are, then there may be an issue there… As stated earlier, I’m a jeans guy… I’m laid back and I work in a laid back environment, but as soon as I received the promotion, I changed to fit in to a perception of what I thought I should be…

Now where am I going with this you’re wondering…  Well many of you have changed because of the expectations you believe has been placed on you.  It’s funny how when we get into relationships, we feel as though we can’t do the things we did when we were single, so we deprive ourselves…  How when we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, we feel we can no longer go to places we enjoyed, so we stop and later secretly resent ever committing to Christ because we feel we’re missing out on life…  How about when people get married, they believe it’s a requirement or expectation they can no longer deal with their single friends, so they cut them off (Click HERE to read more)


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