When “Love” Says No…


Even though I’ve embraced my “singleness”, I’m not exempt from desiring “love”…  Each day I live my life and I see the great place I’m in, I think “Wouldn’t it be great to share this…”. Like many of you I want to be loved and I want to give it, but it seems right now love is telling me “no”… So what do I mean by this, you’re wondering????  Well I believe love is telling me “no” because I haven’t found anyone my heart wants to say “yes” to… I’ve been in bad relationships, had my heart broken and have scars to remind me of what I’ve been through…  In the past my heart has said “yes” to those it should have said “hell naw” resulting in it being fooled, played, tricked and raped… Therefore, it is now careful not cautious of whom it shares intimacy with…

At this very moment I could be in a relationship if I wanted to, but love says “no”…  Because love knows who I am and where I’m going, it refuses to allow me to get into a situation that’s going to harm me… Harm meaning bring drama, stress and confusion into my life…  Love constantly shows me that I’m approaching situations in which our paths will eventually clash; constantly reminds me of the lessons I’ve learned from my past, (Click HERE to read more)


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