Pieces Of “The Perfect One”…


So yesterday I was chatting with a buddy of mine and he shared some things going on in his life…  Outside of the normal hustle and bustle, I thought this guy had somewhat of a normal life, but boy was I surprised…  He has an amazing job, he’s super intelligent; has a wife, kiddos, and a girlfriend…  YUP, A GIRLFRIEND…  Now he caught me off guard with this one, but hey no judgment here…  As we continued to talk and he continued to share his journey, he said something that really stuck with me…  “One person can never be your everything, so why make them your only?” Now whether or not I completely agree with this is irrelevant, that’s his truth and I appreciate the fact he’s found and living it…  He believes what his wife lacks, his girlfriend packs…  For him, he’s taking the best of them to make the person woman in his life…  It’s almost like a puzzle, he’s combining pieces to make the masterpiece…

As ludicrous as this may sound, I believe the reason this stuck with me is because there is some truth to it… So let me ask those of you who are either married or currently in a relationship…  Does the one you’re with check off everything on your list???  Be honest with yourself… Is there anything you would tweak about him/her??? Anything you want him/her to possess that they don’t???  Well I know there are some of you who believe your mate has everything you want, but does he/she view you the same???  PROBABLY NOT!!!!  No matter (Click HERE to read more)


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