“Love” Looks Like Your Past…


Sometimes love is beautiful, but there are times in which love is ugly…  It isn’t a “feel good all the time” type of feeling…  Sometimes it causes us to cry, lose sleep, worry, stress and sometimes causes us to do things we would have never imagined… Love has been known to blind us to the flaws, imperfections, and errors of the one we choose to gift it to…  It has also been known to open our eyes to things we don’t want to see or hear when we gift it to ourselves… Love can feel like a punishment from time to time because it floods our hearts and drown our thoughts, but only you know what love looks like to you…

Love has taken the fall for telling, as well as accepting lies…  It has been used as the reason some choose to stay in situations in which they currently hate…  Love (Click HERE to read more)


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