It’s Going To Be A Problem…


One thing I’m loving more and more about who I am today, I’m able to walk away with no regrets…  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go out on what could have possibly been an amazing date… I can only imagine the conversation, interaction, and the fun we would have had…  Unfortunately, I bailed out… Now I know you’re probably thinking it was inconsiderate of me to do such a thing, but hear me out… When looking at both of our worlds, I knew eventually there was going to be a problem…I’ve reached a point in my life in which I want those who are a part of my life to be authentically who they are and if they’re unable to do this, then I should free them of me and allow them the opportunity to be who they truly are…

I know you’re thinking, “Well it was just a date”, and you’re correct it was just a date…  However we’ve had many conversations in which I was able to get to know her heart, passion, purpose, desires and the future she’s aiming for…  I was also able to learn her likes and dislikes, what makes her happy and what makes her heart smile…  Because of this, I knew eventually there was going to be a problem…  You see I’m not a clubber, therefore I don’t want a clubber…  I’m not a smoker, therefore I don’t want a smoker…  I’m not an obsessive drinker, therefore I don’t want an obsessive drinker…  Not saying she was all of these things, however there were things in which the core (Click HERE to read more)


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