You Ain’t Tired Yet…


People always ask me, “John, when do I know?”  and my response is, “You’ll know when you’re tired of it”… 

One of my biggest mistakes in my past is NOT enjoying where I was at that particular moment… Just like many of you I’ve been in relationships, worked jobs, attended churches and have been a part of some pretty crappy stuff…  The entire time I was a part of it, just like many of you, I complained about it…  I complained about not being happy, nothing going in the direction I wanted, and about how things could be so much better…   I knew I should have walked away, but I stayed and not only did I stay, I constantly reminded myself just how miserable I was…  You see, I should have made the best of the situation seeing that I wasn’t going anywhere…  I should have found the light at the end of the tunnel, saw the glass as half full opposed to half empty, but just like many of you reading, I allowed myself to drown in a pool of unhappiness in which I was filling myself… 

Looking back in hindsight, I now see I was responsible for my unhappiness…  Yeah I’m the one to blame for staying in situations that added no value to my life…  I could have easily walked away, but there were things that (Click HERE to read more)


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