Your Approach Is Killing You…


Fellas, don’t you just hate when women violate you???  Yeah violate???  Now I’m not talking about just your space and how some women get close enough you can smell her breathe, but when women make you feel you’re worth no more than the inches in your pants… I know for some of you brothers a woman mentioning the size of your package “strokes” your ego, but there are some of us who find that somewhat irritating and disrespectful….  But ladies this is not a blog to bash you, that’s not who I am… To some degree I completely understand why you constantly make these mistakes…   it’s because you don’t know any better and for some of you, you just don’t know how to approach a man…

Some of you reading today are beautiful, phine as hell and you got smarts, but your approach is killing you… IT’S JUST PLAIN OUT WACK!!!!  It’s like you lose all sense of reasoning, value, self-restraint when you either see or meet a guy who shows some type of potential…  But I get it…  You’re (Click HERE to read more)


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