Meet Me In The Middle…


Wouldn’t it be great if we could find someone who met us dab center??? You know, the middle???  Someone who wanted to see us just as much as we wanted to see them???  Someone who didn’t mind driving to our side of town because they knew we didn’t mind driving to theirs???  Wouldn’t it be cool to meet someone whose 100 matched our 100???  Someone whose interest complimented ours???  Someone who may not share our passion, but supported it just as hard as we supported theirs???  I’m talking about the middle and common ground???  Not an inch to the left or right, but right in the center of both of our universes…

Sometimes it seems as though this person doesn’t exist, as if we have to compromise or pick up the difference…  The difference of love, support, and understanding…  It feels like we have to change to accommodate who they are, become who they want us to be, and lose a part of ourselves to feel equal to someone who isn’t whole…  Wouldn’t it be great if we could find someone who met us dab center???  You know, the middle???  The middle (Click HERE to read more)


One thought on “Meet Me In The Middle…

  1. I’ve been thinking on the same thing. A true soulmate – a relationship with love AND purpose. I’m not sure it exists for everyone, but I do know that settling for anything less is not an option for me!

    Great blog!

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