People Can Change…


So it’s 2:33 a.m. this morning and my phone rings…  Without looking I answered and man was I surprised…  The voice was familiar, but one I haven’t heard in years… After a long moment of silence I sit up, look at my phone to confirm who I thought it was, and respond “Yeah I’m here”…  Let’s fast forward to about twenty minutes into the conversation…

John, I’m truly sorry for anything I’ve done to cause you any hurt or pain.  You were nothing but good to me and didn’t deserve how I treated you.  A lot has changed since we were together including me.  I wanted to know if your heart was big enough to forgive me and give us a second chance…

As I listened, I smiled…  I smiled not because time has revealed what was loss, but because time has revealed what was gained…  In the six years I’ve been single, I’ve gained so much… I’ve gained a peace that many people can’t understand…  I’ve gained the power of forgiveness, self-love, and the power of knowing exactly who I am and what I deserve…  I’ve gained the comfort of knowing being single isn’t the end of the world and gained the truth a relationship can’t complete me, but should complement me…  I’ve gained so much from moving forward, so much that I’m unwilling to lose it going backwards…

People can change…  People can realize the errors of their ways and become someone new…  Some (Click HERE to read more)


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