It’s Just A Text…


So I have this buddy who today finds himself in a very difficult situation…  Long story short…  A few years ago there were a few text messages sent to another woman; wifey found out about it and still to this day, he’s paying for it…  Now to him, it was just a text message…  He didn’t sleep with her, so what’s the big deal he asks…  Per our conversation there were no inappropriate pictures or “I love you” found in the text messages, however the tone could be interpreted as inappropriate….  Now he swears nothing sexual ever transpired; there were no dates or secret meetings, but his wife still finds it hard to move on from…  He’s struggling with why she’s making it such a big deal when in his eyes, he did nothing wrong…

Now before you go off on my bud, wifey isn’t innocent herself…  In the past she’s done her share of dirt, made a few mistakes and she’s even put doubt in his mind regarding where he stands within her life…  You know how you women do…  “I can go find me another man”, “I’ve had better”, (Click HERE to read more)


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