When A Man Gets Hurt…


It’s true, most men deal with hurt completely different than most women…  Some chalk it up as a lesson, others sweep it under the rug as though it never happened…  There are those who act unbothered, unconcerned and untouched, and then there are those who actually face it head on….  Whatever their process is, men find some type of way to deal with it…

No offense ladies, but when it comes to hurt, I believe men have more of a struggle with it than you…  Throughout the early stages of life for the average man, he’s told “boys don’t cry”…  Men are taught vulnerability and emotional expression are signs of weakness and what person do you know whether they’re male or female, wants to appear weak???  So I believe and speaking from personal experience, when a man gets hurt he struggles with what to do with the hurt…  He struggles with whether or not he should show he was hurt and appear weak, or carrying on with the façade of strength.     

There are innumerable “damaged men” in the world…  Men who have been hurt by a hurt woman…  Men who have been lied to by an inconsiderate woman…  Men (Click HERE to read more)


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