Unapologetic-ally Me…


I somewhat have a bad habit of saying “I’m sorry”.  Most times when I use this expression is out of courtesy…  You know like if you believe you’ve interrupted someone from doing what they’re doing?  A conversation or deep thought? Or if you spill something on a table someone just cleaned?  Its times like this, “I’m sorry” seems to instantly flow from my mouth.  I guess I’m just a guy who never wants to disrupt or interrupt the flow of someone’s actions, efforts, or destiny…   But as much as I use “I’m sorry”, I’ve learned never to apologize for any inconvenience, discomfort, or distraction the truth of who I am may cause…

It took me years to reach this place in life, but I’m so grateful I did…  I used to apologize for being talented; smart; the life of the party; passionate; driven, and knowing God had so much more for me to do here on earth…  I used to apologize for the things I didn’t like, speaking up when someone made me feel uncomfortable, and I used to even apologize for being honest and expressing my true feelings…  I used to apologize for not being this “Deep Christian” who was on the “Holy Cloud” 24 hours a day; speaking in tongues, and being a Christian who used a few choice words here and there…  I apologized for not being this extremely tough guy who played and watched sports, wanted to talk about “T & A” each and every day; a guys who wanted to bang every chic he saw…  I used to apologize for everything and I later realized the only person benefiting from my apology, were the people I was apologizing to.

So as I started on my journey of truth, I apologized one last time, but it was to myself…  I apologized for trying to please people…  I apologized for suppressing who I was to make someone who didn’t know who they were happy…  I apologized for not living my truth and serving my purpose here on earth…  I apologized (Click HERE to read more)


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