You’re Supposed To Be Married…


Can someone please tell me where it’s written the age of a person dictates their marital status???  By a certain age you should be married with kids and living in the big house with the white picket fence???  Do you know where I can find this???  Well if you don’t, why are you living your life according to it???

Many of you reading this post are depressed all because you aren’t married…  You thought by now you would be married with kids and living what you call a dream…  You thought you’d be building a brighter future with the man/woman you’ve dreamed of your entire life, but this isn’t the case…  You’re single and with each passing day you’re getting older, feeling less marketable/desirable, and you’re beginning to lose hope…  Hope of having children…  Hope of having someone to grow old with…  Hope of ever finding or being found by the one you’re destined to be with…  You were supposed to be married by now, but guess what, YOU’RE NOT…

Some of you have been married, but it failed… You married someone maybe because (Click HERE to read more)


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