Take Your Life Back…


Some of you reading are messed up all because of a dude…  A dude who called himself a man, but really he was no more than a boy… He was the one you loved, yet he’s the one who broke your heart and ever since, you’ve been unable to pick up the pieces and move on…  

You loved him, he lied to you…  You cherished him, he cheated on you… You spoke highly of him, he spoke down to you…  He was your world, but you’re left feeling as though you were no more than his “hoe”.  So why are you letting this dude do this to you?  Why are you allowing what he’s done in the past effect your future?  Isn’t your happiness worth you letting him go?  Isn’t your peace worth you moving forward?  Isn’t your future worth you freeing yourself of the things you can’t change in your past?

Why are you holding onto someone who has let you go?  Holding onto the words, actions, and deeds they’ve done?  Is it because you gave him the best years of your life?  Is it because he was your first and only?  Is it because you believe you are nothing, empty, or incomplete without him?  Why (Click HERE to read more)


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