Show Interest, Don’t Chase…

What I’ve chosen to write about today, many of you struggle in this area… You go on a date, enjoy the encounter, but someway somehow you screw things up… The date ended well and you left with hopes of her/him contacting you soon, but as time passes without hearing from them, you begin to panic…. You struggle with the thought of texting or calling, or if whether or not you should allow him/her to make the first move… After much back and forth, you decide to take the plunge and send a text… Anxiously awaiting a response, you become impatient and when he/she finally responds, you over analyze it…  You sent “Good Morning”, they replied “Good Morning”, but that wasn’t enough for you…  You wanted “Good Morning, how are you?  Enjoyed last night, thanks for an amazing time…” to validate your existence and the impact in which you had on their life… 

So let me get to my point…  As written in “How to Win the Dating Game” (Get your copy by clicking HERE), the biggest game both men and women play when dating is “The Waiting Game”…  We’ve all played it, so no judgement here, but playing this game only proves you are a loser…  Some (Click HERE to read more)


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