7 Ways To Lose The Perfect Guy In 7 Days…


So I’ve been asked by a few of my female friends, “John, what is it I’m doing wrong?  I meet a guy, things are going great and out of nowhere, he disappears…  Is it me?  Is it something I’m doing???”  So it’s Friday and I thought this would be a great topic to end the week with… 

Many of you Ladies reading today are asking not only yourselves, but a close male friend these exact questions…  You meet the perfect guy for you, but after a week of knowing him, he goes and disappears….  What is it you’re doing wrong???  So I’m going to share with you seven commonalities I’ve seen in my female friends who have asked this question and just maybe their loss will be your gain…

  • You Lose Yourself…  You meet the guy and he seems to be perfect for you…  Inwardly you’re a little paranoid, because it seems to be too good to be true…  Once you realize this guy is not a player and is for real, you step up your game…  You place effort on impressing him and hoping to prove you’re a keeper, but your aggressive behavior ends up turning him off…  Slow down you don’t have to send multiple text messages, leave voicemails or constantly email him to show you’re interested…  Don’t lose yourself running after who you think is the one…  Be who you want to attract and both of you will find each other in the middle..

  • You Disqualify Yourself…  It’s true many times we take what we perceive, examine who we are, and later disqualify ourselves… We look at where we’ve been, compare it to where they are and feel as though we are not enough…  When doing this, we constantly need validation from the one we’re interested in which is soooooooo unattractive…  Don’t worry about what he brings to the table, those are his offerings…  You bring YOU and all you have to offer…  YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH and if he doesn’t recognize this, he’s not the one for you… 

  • You Bring Your Ex With You…  One thing I believe is so unattractive for both men and women to do when initially meeting someone new is bring along their ex… Of course I’m not talking physically, but injecting him or her into something which is new…  Whether (Click HERE to read more)


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