Women Are Abusers Too…


Sadly to say, there are some women who aren’t satisfied unless there’s an argument, drama, confusion, or unless their man is all bent out of shape…  “Drama” has become their permanent address, the place in which they mentally reside and when a sign of “peace” is on the arisen, they do something to screw it up…   These women are incapable of being content with happiness and peace, therefore they push buttons to bring madness into their lives…

So maybe you remember my post “He Didn’t Make You Insecure, You Did” from a few weeks ago….  The same guy I mentioned in that post struck up a conversation with me again this morning…  New toilet, but the same ole shit….  So long story short…  The week I posted the blog she punched him in the face that weekend, the cops came and arrested her, they’re no living together and of course, today she’s sorry and wanting him to forgive her…  So where am I going with this??? Well brothers, if you’re with a woman who is not treating you well or has the audacity to slap or punch you, LEAVE HER… No argument, action or words warrant anyone putting their hands on another person…

Now sadly to say, some of you women reading are currently hitting your man…  You’re what I like to call a “Button Pusher”…  You’re testing (Click HERE to read more)


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