So What Does “Single Man” Mean In 2017???


Unfortunately Ladies, you aren’t the only ones feeling some kind of way about being single…  Contrary to popular belief, there are some men who are all up in their feelings because there’s no weekend boo, no holiday love, no one to celebrate their accomplishments with, and no one around to support and cheer on in their pursuit of happiness…  Just like women, men are finding it somewhat difficult to find a good woman…  A woman who understands he’s not looking for a wife, but a partner…  You know a partner in building a better future…  A woman who is willing to stick around when things are rough; willing to get her hands dirty while digging through the rubble to find the diamond… There are men looking for a woman to climb the stairs of success with, not use her as one…  But these men are lost in the shuffle of men many of you are currently seeking or involved with…

So what does “Single Man” mean in 2017???  Well it depends on who you ask…  Based on the age of the man, the color of his skin; whether or not he has children or if he’s been married and currently divorced determines how “Single Man” is defined… “Single Man” is defined by the physical traits, financial status and even his size, and I’m not talking about his dingus…  Just like women, men are judged based on their weight and appearance…  If he’s an overweight guy, it’s more excusable as to why he is single…  If he’s less appealing to the beholder of his looks, it’s more excusable as to why he is single…  But if a man is tall, dark, physically fit, handsome, never been married, childless, and he so happens to be over the age of 30, sadly to say, he’s either “gay” or a “player”…

For the “Single Woman” over the age of 30…  “Single Man” has become a piece of meat…  Women (Click HERE to read more)


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