He Didn’t Make You Insecure, YOU DID…

So the other day a guy I see every morning at the gym starts talking to me out of nowhere…  I’ve seen this dude every morning for at least the past three years and we’ve never ever had a conversation, but I guess this day he had something on his chest he needed to get off…  So he says “My girl doesn’t want me to workout…”.  I listened as he released his frustrations and the more I listened, the more I realized he was with an insecure woman…  A woman who is threatened by improvement; the inability to control who he speaks with, and a woman who is scared he’s going to meet another woman who possesses the qualify she lacks, CONFIDENCE…

So to be fair to all you insecure women, I asked him the question many of you are currently pondering…  “So what did you do to make her so insecure?”….  Now all of you know that was pretty hard for me to ask, but I did it because I knew I would be writing this blog to you… He responds “Nothing…  I’ve never cheated, never lied…  For real dude, I’ve never given her any reason to believe I’m doing anything wrong…”  Honestly I believe this dude, I believe he was completely honest, loved his girl even though she’s crazy as hell and I believe he is one of the rare dudes in the world who is truly committed to the one he is with…

Many of you women reading this blog today are putting your man through pure de hell…  You’re questioning everything he does, where he goes, and who he interacts with…  You’re checking emails, voicemail’s, text, social media comments and some of you have even stooped as low as driving by the place in which he told you he would be…  You don’t (Click HERE to read more)


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