You Wanna Hear “It’s All His Fault…”


It’s amazing how many of you women want to hear “It’s his fault…”   You want to be told it’s all his fault you’re damaged goods; unable to trust; bitter; overweight and overeating; a single mother, and so many other excuses many of you are using to justify you being the bitter, insecure, broken, and impossible to trust woman you are… You want to hear he’s to blame for you feeling insecure with yourself…  You want to hear it’s all his fault you didn’t see the signs of something that was slapping you in the face… That leaving you for the girl with the good hair is the reason you feel inferior to white women… Now in no way is this post meant to bash you women, but at some point you’re going to have to own up for your own ish…  And when I say “ish”, I mean the state in which you find yourself today… 

Some of you are rude, intolerable, mean and borderline the notorious word you hate being referred to as…  Your attitudes are wack, your credit scores are jacked and you’re always on defense because you feel you’re under attack…  You loved a man, he hurt and broke you, and now he’s moved on, but sadly to say, you’re still holding on…  You’re holding onto what he did or didn’t do…  You’re holding (Click HERE to read more)


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