Drop Him Like A Mic…


So on last night I had a phone interview with the “Let’s Face It Radio Show”…  Phenomenal Host’s, great panel, and great conversation…  However throughout this show, I realize exactly why so many of you women are struggling in your relationships or settling for men who to be quite frank are losers… Coach Ellis brought to the table an interesting point of view, some his truths I completely agree with, however there are a few I found to be very interesting… Throughout the show, he continued to say “Men this”, “Men that”, “Men don’t”,  you get the picture, and I found that somewhat a struggle of mine…  You see just like women, he categorized all men as being the same…  And this is far from the truth…

One topic discussed was commitment or being faithful…  Coach Ellis believes it is somewhat challenging or impossible for a man to be faithful because it is in the nature of men to look, venture out, stray like a dog…  His belief is it’s just the nature of a man to do these things and I believe this is why so many of you women are with men who do not respect you or your relationship…  As stated in several of my blogs, there are men who are capable of being truthful to their woman because he sees the value of her…  Every man doesn’t cheat, lie, steal or kill… Every man doesn’t find it to be a struggle staying committed to his woman because he was raised by a man who was committed to his mother (Father)…  Every man doesn’t have to use his “Johnson” to prove he’s a man, some men just are confident in their own skin to know it…  So ladies, here are five things you need to ponder if your man uses “it’s the nature of a man” as a reason to treat you or your relationship in a way that’s less deserving…

  • If your man finds it challenging or impossible to stay committed to you because “it’s the nature (Click HERE to read more)


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