Relationship Status: STILL SINGLE…


It’s always during this time of year I reflect on just how blessed I am…  I can honestly remember when I regretted the holidays…  Even though my life was great, I was far from happy…  The reason for my “unhappiness” wasn’t because I felt I had my needs and not my wants…  It wasn’t because I wanted to be in a relationship, but it was because I found myself trapped in a relationship that was toxic, unhealthy, and emotionally draining…  Like many people, I covered my unhappiness to the point in which I was drowning…   I disguised just how miserable I was with buying gifts, hosting dinners, and attending every Christmas party I was invited to…  I can remember before getting into that relationship, how I wanted so badly to be in one…  How I would have given anything to NOT have to sit in front of the fire place NOT cuddled up, and watching movies alone…  Before I thought I was missing out on life and love, but boy was I wrong….

I was wrong because I thought a relationship would make me happy…  That falling asleep on Christmas Eve and waking up on Christmas morning lying next to someone was going to make me happy…  I thought NOT attending Christmas parties alone was going to make me happy…  I thought going Christmas shopping and feeling the excitement and energy of the holiday with someone was going to make me happy, but again I was wrong…  I had to learn happiness is my responsibility and it should never (Click HERE to read more)


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