When “Love” Gets Ugly…


Love, something created to be beautiful can be sooooo ugly at times…  It has been known to hurt, blind and even cause some to feel, cursed…  Love holds the power to win, but it also causes us to lose at times… When mixed with hurt, broken trust and pain, love can easily turn into hate…  Many times we are left with scars that remind us of the battlegrounds we’ve been on after going to war with love… Scars that causes us to question our worth, doubt ourselves, and blurs us to our actual beauty…  Scars that makes us feel undeserving and unworthy of love; undesirable, and unattractive…

Today, love has “F..ked” some of you up… Yeah, “f..ked” you up…  “Love” has you down, thinking you’re unattractive, and it has caused you to feel no one else will want you…  The one you “loved” is a thing of the past, but the memories of the loss is not only impacting your present, but dimming your future…  “Love” got you good…  So good that now you can’t see your life (Click HERE to read more)


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