When You Know You’re “SEXY”…

As you know, I love looking at myself…  Doesn’t matter if I’m fully clothed or butt naked; thick or thin, or when I feel I’m at my best or worst, I just love looking at myself… For years I didn’t see how attractive I am…  It was hard for me to accept compliments from other, but with time I’ve been able to see the “sexy” in me regardless to whatever state I’m in…  Each morning I make it my top priority to remind myself of just how “sexy” I am…  I go through a long list of adjectives like “gorgeous”, “beautiful”, “incredible”, “creative”, “phine”, “handsome”, “sexy” and so many others you’ll be surprised…  There are days in which I feel it, but there are also days in which I can’t see it…

So this morning as I was getting ready to leave home headed to the gym, my body began to speak to me…  As I stood shirtless before the mirror, my body began to critique itself….  The reflections told me I need to tone up, lose in this area, gain in this area and before I knew it, I was beginning to see the problems over the progress and potential…. Instantly I began to zoom in on what could be perceived wrong, but I had to check myself…  I had to remind myself that it’s not my job to critique how I look, but encourage, embrace, and appreciate how I look…  I had to remind myself of all the adjectives listed above and remind myself I’m not the twenty year old kid I used to be, but I look pretty damn good for the forty plus guy I am today…  So I had to pull out the big guns, my secret weapon…  Something most of you will never see, but something that holds the power to make me feel like the “Sexiest Man Alive”…

I believe what you wear underneath is just as important as your clothes…  You can wear (Click HERE to read more)


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