That Was “Then”, This Is “Now”…

So we’re on day 13 of the “Are You “SEXY”??? 30 Day Challenge”… Hopefully you’re still on board with me and you’re diving into the roles family, mates, friends, your past and so many other things play into how you perceive and view yourselves…  Many of you are questioning why we even have to go through all of this, but the truth is until you recognize what caused you to lose your sexy, your sexy will continue being at jeopardy… You have to examine what you are feeding yourself mentally in order to receive yourself physically…  Remember “Sexy” is a mindset, not a size…

Since day one of the challenge, how many times have you told yourself “Dayum gurl/guy, you are sexy!!!”?    How many times have you complimented yourself on your appearance???  In all honesty, have you recognized more of your positives or do you continue to only see your “negatives”???  Well I can assure you if you haven’t at least told yourself 13 times “Dayum gurl/guy, you are sexy!!!!” or something similar, you more than likely have negatively critiqued yourself the number of times you come up short of 13.  So how do I know this???  Well because you are human…  Only you know where you were and where you want to go and sadly to say, we compare ourselves based on these two things…  So let me break them down…

Some of you reading “used to be” much smaller, had less wrinkles, your breast were high and your buns were tight…  You could fit into smaller clothes, wear (Click HERE to read more)


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