The Role YOUR PAST Plays In Your “SEXY”…


Some of you are holding onto a past in which you are unable to change… Maybe as a kid you were overweight and called names in which still haunts you today…  Maybe you were raped or molested and those horrible feelings of disgust lurk in the back of your mind…  Maybe you’re the person whose partner/spouse constantly put doubt in your mind about your appearance…  You just might be the person who was always called stupid, told they would never be anything, or you’re the person who was abandoned more times than you can count…  Or possibly you’re the person who was once fit and trim, but today you’re far from it… Whichever person you may be or there’s a chance your experience wasn’t described above, but whatever the case may be, your past is currently keeping you from seeing just how sexy you are today…

Each and every day as you look at yourself all you can see is your past… A past filled with hurtful (Click HERE to read more)


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