The Role Your Mate Plays In Your “Sexy”…



Seems like the one you’re with would encourage you to be comfortable in your own skin, but this isn’t always the case and as a result of this, some of you are downplaying not only your “sexy”, but your worth, value, and greatness…  So let’s talk about these two “Mates” and how crucial their role is in your “sexy”…

The “Mate” who can’t see it is either clueless, probably boring in bed, or they’re completely innocent… So you ask, “How can they be completely innocent?” and that’s a pretty darn good question…  Well they can’t see something you don’t portray…  Because you can’t see your “sexy” your actions and words only translates this which causes your appearance and confidence level to reflect it…  You’ve convinced yourself you’re not “sexy”, hott, beautiful/handsome, attractive and desirable…   If we could only see your “inner man/woman” we would see it’s heading hanging down from shame… So if you aren’t comfortable in your own skin and don’t find yourself appealing, how can someone else???

Now the second “mate” is the one many of you are currently involved with…  They’re the person who plant seeds of doubt in your head… The one who makes sly remarks to cause you to question yourself… They’re the one who has convinced (Click HERE to read more)


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