The Role Your Family Plays In Your “SEXY”…

It seems like “family” would be our biggest supporters, but for many of you reading, this isn’t the case…  Some of you have given up because of your family…  You’ve quit trying to improve yourself because of your family…  You’ve settled for less to “fit in” because of your family…  And today, some of you feel less than “sexy” because of your family…  Yeah I said it, because of your family…  Now in no way am I trying to disrespect your families, but if your family in any way has tampered with or hindered your confidence level, they need a good ole “Little Women of Dallas” beat down…

So I have this friend who I believe is one of the most fashionable women on the planet… She’s always on point, on target with the latest trends and there have been times in which she has even set the pace many women have followed… She’s creative in her thinking, direct in her speaking, and she’s a chic who owns the room…  We’ve been friends for years and never has her weight been a topic or issue, because honestly speaking as a Plus Size Woman she is more confident in her skin than a lot of fit women hitting the gym each and every day…   The other day we had lunch and she shared a conversation between her and her mom…  Now I believe in all honesty her mother meant well, however she was attempting to place her fears on my friend (downhill)…  She explains her mother constantly critiques what she wears, how she wears her hair and makeup, and how my friend sometimes carries herself…  She explained her mother believes she’s too big to wear, look, and do some of the things in which she does… WTF????

Unlike my friend, some of you reading have allowed conversations and remarks made by family members to KILL YOUR SEXY…  Because of what they’ve said you’re now afraid to wear certain things because of your weight;  do certain things because of your age; to color or shave your hair because of THEIR fears of you being ridiculed…  You’ve allowed their fears (Click HERE to read more)


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