What Are You Wearing Underneath Your Clothes???


If at this very moment you were required to strip down to your underwear, would you be proud or ashamed???  Would you be proud to show everyone your undergarments???  Yeah I know for some of you, you’re more concerned with others seeing your body, scars, etc, but let’s look past the physical body for a moment…   Ladies, would we see “Granny Panties” or Victoria Secrets lingerie?  Would we see an ill properly fitted bra or would we see support strong enough to hold up two bowling balls???  Fellas, would we see ripped, dingy, and torn underwear or Calvin Klein boxer briefs???  Would we see a Homer Simpson printed shirt or a fitted V Neck T Shirt??? What are you wearing at this very moment underneath your clothes???  And would you be proud to let the world see???

Did you know “Sexy” starts even before anyone else see’s you?  That it starts with your thinking which translates into your actions which results into what you place on your body?  Well it’s true…  “Sexy” is a mindset, not a size, shape, or color…  “Sexy” is how you feel about yourself; your confidence level, and it’s based on how you view and speak to the man/woman standing in the mirror before you…  So let me ask you a question…  What are you wearing underneath??  You know like your skin???  What’s lurking in your mind?  What’s blocking you from seeing and feeling “sexy”?  Is it words?  Age? Fear? Weight?  Social Media??? Have you given up on “The Best You” and settling for “The Right Now You”???

If you were to be completely honest with yourself, you’ve given up…  You’ve given up on looking, feeling, and being your best…  You’ve given up on the possibility of living (Click HERE to read more)


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