Bonjour Séduisant

So we’re on Day 2 of the “Are YOU “Sexy”??? 30 Day Challenge”… So hopefully I’m not the first, but let me say “Bonjour Séduisant” which means “Good Morning Sexy/Attractive” in English…  Not sure what it is, but there’s something about hearing someone speak in French that always catches my attention…  Not sure if it’s how the words flow into one another; if it’s the erotica reputation of the French, but without fail, every time I hear someone speak in French I think to myself, “Dayum, that sounds soooo sexy”.   It has nothing to do with the physical, it’s all mental for me and this is exactly how you should feel each and every time you look at yourself…

This morning when you were getting dressed, did you speak “beauty” into your life?  Did you speak “Sexy” into your day?  Let me answer this, NO…  You’ve been hoodwinked into believing YOU ARE NEITHER OF THESE THINGS and that KNOWING (Not thinking) you are sexy, attractive, and gorgeous is wrong… So let me tell you this, THAT’S A LIE and a bunch of BULL… “Sexy” starts with your mind and if God believes you are one of the most beautiful things He has ever created, WHY CAN’T YOU???  Sadly to say, many of your problems stem from people who don’t even see the beauty in themselves, so they’ve made damn sure you don’t see beauty in yourself as well…

So today, I have three questions I want to ask you…

First, what do you see when you look at yourself???  For many of you reading, you see the “ugly” rather than the “beauty”…  The “problems” opposed to the “progress”…  And then there are those of you who  sees the memories of bad relationships, words spoken to you as a child, scars left from fighting or being beat down by an ex…  It’s not there isn’t any beauty there, but you’re choosing not to see it and focusing all your energy on what you believe is ugly…

Secondly, what do you want to see when you look at yourself???  Sadly to say, many of you are trying to get back to a place you can’t get back to…  You know when you were (Click HERE to read more)


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