Are YOU “Sexy”???

 So this morning at the gym I found myself repeatedly checking myself out…  For a lack of words, I was almost obsessed with myself…  Today, I weighed in at 180 lbs (the largest I’ve been in a minute), and even though I’m not at the weight I find myself feeling the most comfortable, I couldn’t help but say to myself “Dayum, you sexy!!!!”  I could have easily focused on the extra pounds, the lack of desired definition and to be honest, I could have even called myself “Fat”.  I could have fallen into depression and asked myself “How did this happen???”, “How did you gain all of this weight???”, or even told myself a lie, “No one wants you JP”…  But I chose to think and act differently…

So where am I going with this…  Well many of you have taken the lesser of the two routes described above…  This morning as you were getting dressed you looked at yourself and said “How did this happen???”, “How did I gain all of this weight???” and sadly to say, some of you even lied to yourself by speaking “No one wants or will ever want someone who looks like this…”  And to be honest, this breaks my heart…

Over the years my weight has changed various times…  I’ve been bigger, smaller, thicker, and phiner than where I am today… I can remember looking in the mirror and thinking “Dayum, you phine” and I can even remember looking in the same exact mirror and speaking (Click HERE to read more)


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