You Believed Them…

I’m realizing more and more each day just how much I want people to have everything they want in life…  I find myself energize by the thoughts of others living their lives as they’ve envisioned, dreamed, and as God has planned…  I find myself quite often asking “What’s holding you back?”, “What’s keeping you from having it?”, “What are you afraid of??”…  It’s like they’re unable to see the power of their imagination and how if God granted them the ability to see it, He has embedded the power within them to be it…

Did you know you can have everything you want in life???  Well… everything that doesn’t go against the plan He has for your life…  With the exception of those things, you can truly have anything you can imagine…  Some of you reading are filled with so many amazing concepts, ideals, (Click HERE to read more)


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