Sometimes Detours Are Necessary…


So things aren’t going the way you thought they would???  By now you are supposed to be further along, huh???  Should see the finish line, right???  Unfortunately, as you look ahead all you can see are roadblocks…  Secretly you’re wondering if you’re headed in the right direction, and there have even been times where you’ve questioned whether or not your GPS (God) is taking you down the correct path…  You’re thinking about turning around and going back home (your comfort zone)…  Thinking there you’re safe from being sideswiped (disappointed), rear ended (stabbed in the back), and there you can avoid head on collisions (confrontations) with reckless drivers (haters) who don’t give a damn about their life, your life, or what’s waiting for you at your destination…

Having dreams, visions, and living a life of passion isn’t always going to be an easy…  There are going to be times in which you feel you’re on the wrong path; times in which you feel maybe you’ve stepped out of the will of God and pursuing (Click HERE to read more)


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