4 Things “Your Love” Can’t Do…

Have you ever loved someone, but your love wasn’t enough???  It wasn’t enough to make him/her stop cheating, stop beating, nor was it enough for them to stop overeating… It wasn’t enough to make him/her start treating you like you deserved, start supporting you, nor was it enough for them to start loving you…  You love him/her with every fiber of your body, but it seems as though that’s not enough…  You’re convinced they’re the one you’re supposed to be with, but their actions causes you to question what you believe is true…  Why can’t they love you like you love them???  Do they even love you???  Or has love blinded you to the truth and now you’re looking like a fool???

 Here are “4 Things “Your Love” Can’t Do…”

  • “Your Love” can’t change someone who doesn’t want to be changed…  Today, some of you deeply love someone you wish would change…  You see their potential, but unfortunately they don’t…  You see all he/she can be; everything they’re capable of doing and for some of you, you even see the things they shouldn’t be doing… You love them in spite of the lies, abuse, cheating, unemployment, dark and dirty past, and you even love them in times it feels they don’t love you…  If only “your love” was enough to make them change the error of their ways, but it isn’t…

  • “Your Love” can’t make him/her love themselves…  If only the one you loved could see what you see…  If only they could see the beauty/good looks, the hotness/swag, and (Click HERE to read more)


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