Why Men Are More Successful At Finding “The One”…


So last night I was a guest on “When Black Men Talk” Radio Show… The host was extraordinary, questions were well thought out, and the dialogue was off the charts…  It’s just something about Men, regardless of the color of their skin, truthfully talking about things that have shaped us to into the extraordinary people we are today…  So one of the questions asked was “Do women and men date differently?”…  Now I’ve talked about this before in a post, however today I want to go deeper into why I believe men are more successful at finding “The One”…

My belief has nothing to do with the ratio of single women to single men, nor does it have anything to do with the number of men who are promiscuous, on the “Down Low”, in prison, on drugs, uneducated, or unemployed…  Men are just better at dating and the number of men compared to the number of women who find their soul mate, proves it…  Because of this truth that so many of you reading doubt, more women are questioning their smarts, gifts, worth, and whether or not they will ever get married…

So here are two reasons “Why Men Are More Successful At Finding “The One””…

“Men search for “The One” based on a list which includes their “Don’t Want” whereas women create a list of “Must Haves””…   It’s true, men in most cases look for a woman who lacks the negative qualities of their ex… If their ex was overbearing, negative, a constant nagger, lacked a sexual appetite, more than (Click HERE to read more)


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